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We prefer to call our sponsors partners. The describes the relationship we like to have with supporting organizations more accurately. TEDxChiangMai, consists of an annual world-class creativity and idea forum and smaller follow up activities and events throughout the year.

TEDx events are still relatively new to Thailand, but they can be very prestigious. In Shanghai, Berlin, and Sydney for example, TEDx events are attended by the creative leaders of their city and country.

TEDxChiangMai consists of a pre-reception, the one-day creativity and idea forum, a post event reception, and further activities and events throughout the year.

By supporting TEDxChiangMai companies can associate themselves with one of the most established brands for creativity, innovation and idea sharing.

Furthermore, as partner you would send a clear signal that your organizations is supporting the ideals of TED: Ideas worth spreading focusing particularly on technology (innovation), design, and education.

The TEDxChiangMai team is working very closely with schools and universities in Chiang Mai. In addition, we expected that many participants in the event will be current next generation leaders in business, government and education. Support of TEDxChiangMai is an investment in the next generation.

We prefer to call our sponsors partners. This describes the relationship we like to have with supporting organizations more accurately. For information on why and how to become a partner, please contact us at [email protected]. Already some organizations are working with us to make our next event successful. We appreciate their support and invite the TEDx community to support these businesses and organisations.

In order to make a volunteer based event like TEDxChiangMai successful and of the same high standard as other major TEDx events around the world we need additional financial support or in kind sponsorship (hotel rooms,

flights, specific services, free loans of equipment, etc.).

Join our team

TEDx events are organized by volunteers. Yet they often are events of very high standards – not only in terms of their content, but also in terms of production, venue design, videos, and all the related activities that a TEDx event may involved. We are looking for individuals that share our vision of the power of x, ideas worth spreading, and would like to be part a community of like minded people in Chiang Mai and Thailand.

We particularly welcome volunteers with background and experience in production and event management, curation, graphic design; video, sounds, and lighting; video editing, fund raising, etc.) or good contacts.

However, every helping hand can make a difference and regardless whether you are Thai or a foreigner, young or old, if you share our vision and want to actively get involve, we like to hear from you.

Visit our existing team or contact us.

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