TEDxYouth@ChiangMai 2014

16 November 2014

@ Chiang Mai University

TEDxYouth@ChiangMai will be a half-day event on Sunday, 16 November 2014 (at Chiang Mai University). Our highlight will be 8-12 speakers, including students, sharing their ideas on our stage. We have already been working with some of the speakers since August, but are open to a few more applications.

Already knowing some of the talks, we feel very excited about creating the opportunity for them to share their ideas with you.

This event will also coincide with the GLOBAL TEDxYouthDay. On this day, there will be TEDxYouth events in between 50 and 100 cities around the world as well as a major annual event in New York. We will have the opportunity to live-connect with this event and watch some of the talks in New York.

All videos have been uploaded to youtube. Link


In alphabetical order

Araya “Fai” Songsrikate

Fai was born in Chiang Mai and is a Matthayom 4 student at Sacred Heart College. Fai is active in school and other activities and has won numerous local and national awards for her musical talent. As a homegrown musical prodigy, her favorite instruments include the piano, electone and electric and classical guitar. Fai ‘s personal motto is to “not let studying get in the way of extra activities.”

Miracle of Thinking

Ayuwat “Ton” Jearwattanakanok

Ayuwat was born and raised in Chiang Mai and started bird watching at the age of 11. A keen sketcher of dinosaurs, flowers and other subjects, he began to sketch and make notes of birds he had observed. With comments and suggestions from both friends and experienced wildlife artists in Thailand, he improved his skills as he travelled around Thailand and other Asian countries studying birds with his father and other birders from Chiang Mai. He studied sustainable development in Japan and Germany from 2008–2014 before moving to Bangkok where he is now working at Sal Forest.

A Passion for Art, Nature and Birds

Claire Jenns & Nodoka Ikeda

Claire was Born in Birmingham, UK in 1998 and moved to the South of Thailand at the age of three, where she lived for 11 years. In 2012, she moved to Chiang Mai where she is now a grade 11 student at Lanna International School. Her hobbies include reading, going to the cinema and cycling. Her passion is writing and journalism. She plans to attend a British university to study English literature and film studies. Nodoka was Born in Shiga, Japan in 1999. She has lived in Chiang Mai for over 7 years and is now in grade 11 at Lanna International School. Her hobbies include sports, playing musical instruments and reading. In the future, she hopes to attend university and study medicine.

Fascinating Fiction

Eleonora C. Nescholta

Eleonora was born in Germany and began taking violin lessons at the tender age of 6. When her family moved to Thailand at the age of 13, she pursued her love of music and soon had the honor to play the violin for HRH Princess Somsawalee at a charity event. She expects to graduate from the German Christian School of Chiang Mai in 2016.


Jiratchaya Chichalermmongkol

Jiratchaya is a grade 11 student at Dara Academy, Chiang Mai. Aged 17, she enjoys watching TV, listening to music and reading books. She is skilled in both Thai and Indian dance. Presently, she is the Treasurer of the Dara Student Council and Secretary of the Sufficiency Economy Mainstay Group.

Theory of 6 hats and trend of Hormones Drama

Lucas Haitsma

Lucas is a ‘third culture kid’ who spent his early years growing up in Africa, Europe, and Asia. He is currently a senior at Chiang Mai International School, where he has developed a passion for learning about international issues and has participated in four Model United Nations conferences. He plans to study international and European law in the Netherlands beginning next year.

Learning through the Model United Nations

Natthasak “Khru Payu” Thaw-Udom

Natthasak’s father took him to his first swimming lesson at the age of nine. In the ensuing years, he entered and won numerous competitions to become a champion swimmer. At the age of 18, he became a swimming instructor and began a path that led him to teach swimming to youths with physical disadvantages. As a reward, he has not only watched his special students learn to swim but has seen them make improvements in other aspects of their behavior and attitude. He graduated in Mass Communications from Chiang Mai University and has developed his own unique way of communication with his students. The talk will be translated into sign language by Khun Anoma Kurasawa

Hold your breath

Onnalin “Mint” Ketnirat

Mint is currently studying in Grade 11 at Chiang Mai University Demonstration School. Like many typical teenagers, she used to be very addicted to social media, spending many hours a day, every day, engrossed in electronic media. Now, she is more mindful of her relationships and the people around her. She has learned that ‘enough is enough’. She now has many interests, but she is most attracted to the beauty of nature and the simplicity of life.

Technology and Connectedness

Pheera “Jeng” Paenkhumyat

Born in 1992, Jeng's experience as an AFS exchange student in the Czech Republic nurtured his passion to meet and share ideas with people from different cultural backgrounds. After returning to Thailand, Jeng recognized and became fascinated by the warm-hearted qualities of people in his hometown and the demonstration of creative wisdom within the community. He hopes to contribute his own original ideas to this flourishing locality and beyond, and is currently studying architecture at Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

The Thirst for More

Qixiu Fu

Qixiu is 17 years old and was born in Chengdu, China. She completed all her schooling in Chengdu until July of this year, when her family moved to Chiang Mai so she could attend PREM Tinsulanonda Qixiu is 17 years old and was born in Chengdu, China. She completed all her schooling in Chengdu until July of this year, when her family moved to Chiang Mai so she could attend PREM Tinsulanonda

Treasure and Understand

Teahelahn Keithrafferty

Teahelahn is a 19-year-old student from Racine, Wisconsin in the United States. She is a Rotary International Youth Ambassador studying at the Faculty of Architecture in Chiang Mai University and is actively involved with service projects through Rotaract and her host Rotary club. Next year, she plans to attend Kenyon College, USA, majoring in international studies with an environmental focus.

The power to change my life

Tientip Chalokkongtaworn

Tientip is currently studying at Chulalongkorn University in the Faculty of Arts. She graduated from Kasintorn St. Peter School and Matthayom Watnairong School at primary and secondary levels respectively. She has actively participated in English competitions in high school and is now Vice President for Education in the Chulalongkorn University Gavel Club. Her passions include stories, books and fiction.

Letters from Fate

Wirada “World” Saelim

World is an ordinary daughter, an eldest sister and a sunset lover born in Hat Yai, southern Thailand. In 2009, she was living a dream in Maryland, USA for a year as an exchange student, but now she is living in the reality of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, where she is a 4th year student of mass communication.

Humanize your parents, liberate yourself
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